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Singapore is an island nation that boasts of medley of a host of cultures. Over the years, people from across the world have made this island their home and have contributed in the development of a unique culture.

You will find people of European, Chinese, Malay, and Indian origin beautifully creating a cosmopolitan society in Singapore. No wonder, this country also offers highly distinguished educational opportunity to international students.

If you are wondering about the quality of education here, you should remain worriless about it. The Singapore government gives top priority to ensuring exclusive quality of education to its students.

A huge amount of money is allocated and spent productively in ascertaining that its schools and the four universities stand up to the stipulated standards and keep providing proof of such at regular intervals.

The multi-hued cultural environment is a big draw for the international student. Did you know each of the two public universities of Singapore has student strength of more than 20,000 students?

Since you will see people from different ethnicities all around, you will never feel alienated in the strange land. Moreover, the helpful and law-abiding nature of the Singaporeans makes it very easy to have a peaceful time and concentrate on studies without disturbance.

No matter what you wish to study, you will certainly find a course of your choice in one of the universities. You can pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies.

The curriculum of the graduate and postgraduate programs is based on a modular system and follows a multi-disciplinary approach. The educational model recognizes the individuality of each student and prepares him according to his faculties and ambition.

Hence, you will receive a comprehensive development of your intellectual abilities. No doubt, after completing your studies in Singapore, your career will start on a brighter note.

Singapore is an island city-state with a diverse cultural and linguistic heritage and a thriving modern economy. Singapore is a centre of global commerce and trade, with one of the world’s most business-friendly economies. With limited natural resources, the success of Singapore is based on its population’s entrepreneurial capabilities and drives to succeed. As a rising study destination, Singapore hosted over 80,000 international students in 2006, an 11 percent increase from the previous year. Singapore is clearly a popular destination for students from Asia, as figures suggest, however recent trends show that small numbers of students from Europe, the United States, and Australia are also choosing this study destination.

Singapore also provides an excellent quality of life in a vibrant city. Great transport within the city and easy access to other countries through its international airport. It’s safe, and the economy is stable, providing many opportunities for graduates. Singapore courses are often bi-lingual, combining English with Mandarin, Malay or Tamil. And you’ll be part of a multicultural nation that is the creative heart of Asia.

As learning Institutions in Singapore offer a comprehensive range of training and enrichment programmes for executives, professionals and homemakers who place value on equipping themselves to achieve their aspirations. There are many who have chosen Singapore for their education and are happy that they made that decision, we believe they subscribe to what we believe in.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to live in university managed accommodation, or with a private landlord. Choosing a university managed accommodation can also give you a catered or self-catered option. A catered accommodation offers the benefits of your meals being cooked for you and a degree of certainty with meal costs.

If you have an idea about what you prefer, the accommodation office at your university will be able to tell you what accommodation they have available – so that’s the place to start. If you are thinking of renting from a private landlord or if your chosen university can’t offer you anything in its own residential facility, the accommodation office should be able to provide you with a list of private properties and landlords in the area.

Wherever you choose to live, you should make sure that you know your contractual rights and responsibilities. In most cases, you will be asked to enter into a tenancy agreement, which you should read thoroughly before you sign.

Orientation week is mandatory for international students so you want to be sure that you arrive before it starts. This is the time where you will be introduced to the university and its services, as well as enroll in your classes. It is essential that you read your guidebook, which is provided by the college. The guide explains each part of the admission process.

Along with sports facilities, colleges offer extra-curricular activities which offer students a wide range of experiences – intellectual, cultural and relaxing. Music, drama, science and literary societies are offered in all colleges, and there will be opportunities for outdoor education and other leisure activities. Visits to theatres and concerts, to places relevant to the courses of study such as art galleries and museums, religious centres or historical sites, scientific companies and projects are all part of college life.

International students interested in pursuing undergraduate studies in the universities/colleges must have completed at least 12 years of general education in order to be considered for admission. International students can also apply to Private Education Organisations (PEOs), which offer courses from certificate to postgraduate levels. Singapore has rolling intakes so you could choose to study in Singapore at a time of your choice. Many Institutions DO NOT even need you to give any English language tests like IELTS / TOEFL and such others for admissions.

List of Universities and Institutions Represented by Grewal Study Abroad in Singapore

S P Jain School of Global Management
SIM Global Education and SIM International Academy, Singapore
Curtin University of Technology, Singapore (Curtin, Singapore)
James Cook University (JCU)
Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
PSB Academy
Raffles College of Higher Education
William Angliss Institute
EASB- East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore
Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA)
Nanyang Institute of Management
Amity Global Business School
Dimensions International College, Singapore
London School of Business and Finance
HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Pte. Ltd.